WhatsApp Messenger APK v2.21.16.9 Free Download

Download WhatsApp APK for Android WhatsApp Messenger – WhatsApp Messenger is known as one of the most powerful and best Android messengers that allow users to communicate for free. WhatsApp also includes the ability to make voice calls, which will allow you to make high-quality calls.

WhatsApp Android features

  • Being free and at no cost to users
  • Ability to send various files such as video, image and audio file
  • Group chat with other WhatsApp users
  • No need to enter a username and password
  • User availability for contacts on a regular basis
  • Ability to use phone contacts without having to transfer them
  • Send messages to users who are offline
  • Ability to select the desired wallpaper for the chat page
  • Customize app notification sounds
  • Ability to use the program in landscape and portrait mode

Download WhatsApp for Android

There are many users these days who buy their smartphones just to use Messenger apps. Various messenger apps such as Viber, Line, Tango, Telegram, and اند have gained a lot of popularity in recent days and have been able to become an undisputed member of smartphones. Meanwhile, one of the most popular and widely used messengers for the Android operating system is WhatsApp, which allows users to communicate.

WhatsApp is fast and free

An Internet connection is enough to use WhatsApp. By connecting your phone to the internet connection, you can send text messages for free to your friends. WhatsApp has no cost to users and only a very small cost of the Internet is calculated for you.

Send various files and emoticons

The WhatsApp app includes dedicated emoticons that you can use when chatting and send to your friends. The ability to send different files such as images, movies, music, and… is also provided for users and you can send different types of files while chatting.

In WhatsApp, you can create a group and invite friends, and you can invite your friends to the created group, talk to all of them, and all those who have been invited to the group, you can see the messages you send You will have. Download WhatsApp for Android

After you install the WhatsApp Messenger app, the contacts in your phonebook that use the app are automatically displayed within WhatsApp, with whom you can talk.

Voice and video calls in WhatsApp

In the new version of WhatsApp, the possibility of making video calls has also been added. This way you can make high-quality voice calls and talk to your friends. To download the latest version of the popular WhatsApp software – WhatsApp Messenger, you can read more.

Extremely high security

WhatsApp, like Telegram, is one of the safest messengers in the world and has many users in the world. The security of this messenger is so high that its use is banned in some governments!

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