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Here you are introduced to the most popular and amazing app used for transferring and sharing files between devices. This app works amazingly well and is famous for its flexibility and speed. So, now you can transfer/send photos, videos to your family and friends. With the amazing shareit App, you can easily transfer files from one mobile/PC/Laptop to another. The files are sent with the amazing speed of 10MB/s and are transferred instantly. One of the speediest app which makes your file transfer easier. However, the same app is a default app in devices of Lenovo, Xiaomi, Samsung and other newly released cell phones.

The app is a most used and very popular app for sharing devices. You can share up to 5 files simultaneously. It has got an advantage over Bluetooth due to its amazing speed and quick file transfer. The app works like a magic and users are definitely satisfied with this app.

Shareit Specification 
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Size of the app18.4 MB
Updated onNovember 29, 2018
AuthorSHAREit(众联极享) Technologies Co. LTD

How does SHAREit App work?

SHAREit APK is an amazing app that uses Wi-FI adapter in one device to form a home network with other WI-FI adapters. A user who wants to send a file to the second device needs to turn on a Wi-FI hotspot and make the other device connect to this hotspot via their app interface. The devices being on the same devices are on the same IP address, this app sends large files in the form of small bits and pieces using the maximum speed of the device. The files are sent very quickly and the receiver receives the files faster than the files gotten via Bluetooth or cable. The data is sent as packets to secure the files that are transferred.

Features of SHAREit APK For Android:

This is an amazing app having many great features. Let us discuss some of the main features of this app now:

  • An amazing speedy app that can transfer files up to 65MB/s.
  • The file explorer is also included in the app
  • The immediate connection between the two devices
  • Takes minimal time to detect and connect to devices even with a longer range
  • The latest version of the app has increased the transfer speed by 40 percent
  • It can also send mega size files like Movies fast with SHAREit advanced technology
  • Great avatars for fun experience
  • Flexible file sharing from mobile to PC, PC to PC, Mobile to Mobile
  • The ability to do group sharing with multiple devices
  • A pre-installed video player
  • Locking the files with LOCKit

Some of the new features of the app are clean junk, app manager, connect PC, web share, File backup, and direct PPT control from mobile.

The device is compatible with Android, Windows, IOS platforms and Windows, 7/8/20 along with MacBook, Mac Sierra, iPhone 5/6/7, Android KitKat/Marsh Mellow and Nougat etc. however, majority downloads for the shareit app is from Google Play store which operates with Android. The ShAREit app supports various formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EPS, OGV, AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, OCG, WAV, DOC, APK, 3GP, WMV, AVCHD, and MPEG4 AND XLS. Similarly, it supports vector images, bitmap images, contacts, messages and various types of APK files making it one of the most used apps among the users.

How to use SHAREit APK Latest + old version

First of all, you have to complete the installation and setup process which includes Device name, Avatar, Default file location. All the files will be saved in the folder named shareit if you didn’t set up the default file location.

You will see the home screen having two options Send and Receive, every time open this app. Press the Send button for receiving the file. Whereas, for sending the file, you will press the SEND button.

Be sure to set the device on SEND/RECEIVE depending upon your device.

After pressing SEND, you will be directed to a screen which will scan the nearby devices set on RECEIVE. Select the files and tap on the targeted avatar of the receiver to send the file immediately.

For receiving files from a sender, you will have to wait until the sender finds your avatar and you will be notified by the app with their correct avatar. For connecting to the other device, just press on the avatar to connect and receive the files.

You can then directly open the received files on the SHAREit app. Download this amazing app now and enjoy unlimited files sharing on your favorite devices. However, you need to keep track of the latest versions of the devices on your Android devices and turn the auto-update feature on.

SHAREIT APP for MacBook, IOS, I phones, and Apple Laptops:

These are the devices which run .exe files and android runs .apk files but in IS and Mackbook, the applications are saved as .dmg files which creates an external disk to run the app just like .iso files in windows. You can also delete the disk image after installing the program but you need .dmg files to run in IOS devices such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Apple Pc  iPhone.

SHAREit on Windows Phone:

We have windows phones available which are just the handy versions of windows laptops with all the phones running Windows 10 operating systems. Some of the windows app are Microsoft Lumia mobiles/tablets. So, the official shareit app for windows app is available on the windows store. You can download it from the official link below or download from our secure server with ‘How to install SHAREit for Windows phone’ tutorial and latest version download links.

SHAREit APK for Windows Phone [Windows Store]

The app works simply well and is just like a Bluetooth device but it transfers files with amazing speed. The app provides you with full security and privacy and the received files are stored right on your devices. SHAREit is better than any Bluetooth devices. It makes the connection quick and accurate. You will be serving less time and you will not have to pair devices every single time. Similarly, you would love the interface of this app which is simple and easy to use. The app doesn’t have too many options and you serve its sole and main purpose. Moreover, the app is totally free and you don’t have to pay anything for acquiring it. You can also send multiples files at a time using this app and up to 5 files can be sent simultaneously.

Note: the only thing which may bother the users are the ads. However, it is quite simple that as an app is free of cost, bearing the ads is not a big deal at all.

So, you can share photographs, recordings, neighborhood music documents, reports, and applications between devices. The main theme of the app is exchanging documents between individuals without distributed storage.

How does it SHAREit work on PC?

When you open your Shareit download for PC, you will see the Shared tab which contains the majority of the records that are shared by everybody and here you can download and remark (everybody can see your remarks) on each document.

In the File Selector tab you can choose any record or envelope that you need to share and once you settle on your decision Shareit for Windows application will consequently share the documents that you have picked.

The My Files tab gives you a chance to deal with your current shared documents so you can expel, remark or set the protection of your shared records.

My downloads tab enables you to open or erase the records that you downloaded.

To utilize your own site you simply sort the address that the application gives you in your Internet program and there you can download your own particular documents or records shared by others.

For the situation on a not existing Wi-Fi association, the application will consequently utilize Bluetooth (it is accessible)

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