Liru Wolf girl with you Free Download Full Game (English)

Wolf girl with you also known as (Ookami Shoujo to Issho) is an amazing Japanese + English visual novel presented by Seismic. This is a short animated story in which you have to spend some alone time with the Golf Girl or Heroine of the story named Liru. You also activities together such as eating or taking bath. However, the game is not very much complicated. As you proceed in the game, you will have to unlock chapters throughout.

In order to understand the anime wolf girl game, you might need some introduction. So, you have to change the language of this game. So click on the bottom right half of your screen and then do open the options screen. You can switch chapters by clicking on the top left portion of the screen. Moreover, you can continue the story if you click on the text balloons in the bottom right. Most of the works are Japanese work and has a great cell shaded 3D content which makes it quite interesting.

wolf girl with you

NOTE: Please Read the Full installation guide Down Bellow to know how to use the English Patch file.

How to Download And install Wolf girl with you in PC

First, you have to download the first file and extract it.

wolf girl with you screenshot

Now open the extracted folder

wolf girl with you screenshot

Run the Liru  Folder as Admin and enjoy the games you are done.

wolf girl with you gameplay

How to Change the game language to English

In order to play the game with the English subtitles please download and install the second file or (English patch) file then open your game and press (O) then the screen will appear like the screenshot down below.

wolf girl with you english

Now tick mark the English box and enjoy your game.

Some Features of Wolf Girl With you For PC

Beautiful animation

  • You can enjoy cute and horny movies drawn in high-quality 3DCG.
  • Easy operation to advance to the next scene by button click for each section of the movie
  • In the etch scene, there are also branching options such as change of posture and “Bukkake” “Creamie”
  • You can also go back to the previous scene by “Back button”

smooth Video

  • Improved video playback application! Upgraded resolution from 800 × 600 to 1280 × 720 in the past
  • In addition, even with low spec machines, it has become more comfortable to play

Hospitable system

  • Depending on the choices in the movie, the state of the rill changes to three levels: “normal state”, “love state”, “estrus state”
  • The dialogue at the time of the greeting and the etch will change (2 kinds for each state, totaling 6 patterns)
  • Also, some scenes cannot be seen unless they are in a particular mood state

Lip sink

  • From this work, the heroine came to animate according to the voice.
  • The voice which changes with the degree of degree of delay etc. is alive! Please enjoy more realistic dialogue production

Shout! Function

It is a completely new mystery function that enables hands-free operation. By using the microphone of the personal computer, you can play both hands-frees with no need for mouse and keyboard operation. I can play even if my hand is slimy, and I can enjoy the talking with wolf girl with you Liru

Switch Japanese / English subtitles

The user interface and subtitles can be selected from Japanese and English.

Stop function of movie · chapter select etc

We included a function to improve ease of use as an etch movie viewing tools, such as a pause of movie and chapter select. You can easily access the scene you saw once

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