GTA 4 APK Mod Data + Obb Free Download For Android

GTA 4 APK is one of the popular and professional game among the games ever released. Rockstar North and Rocket Studio Toronto have developed its title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One PCs. Among all the version and its series, its graphics is at its best. After the GTA San Andres and Rock Star, the GTA’s were able to advances in its graphics. Firstly, the two different episodes of the game were released which are episodes from liberty city and GTA IV for Android and each of the episodes tells the story of the main game but with the different personality in the game, both the episodes are connected with a very interesting story.

Moreover, in part of GTA iv of the game, the role of the character is called NIKO Bellic from Serbia. Niko has left the war between Bosnia and Serbia. Niko also remembers the worse memories of the war and also the financial crises in the country due to the war which has compelled him to leave his country and migrate to the United States for the new beginning.

While another reason for Niko’s leaving the country was his cousin Roman Who has left the country earlier then Niko. Niko and Roman were very old and good friends from the Childhood as they grew up together. Now Roman had migrated to the United States and runs a small taxi company there.

When Niko arrived in the United States, Roman allows him to stay at his home and work in his taxi company. As Niko was unaware that most of the passenger traveling by the taxi company are smugglers. This was the story from the section.

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GTA 4 Lite 90 MB Full and latest Version Features

Now we will tell the story of the Episodes from GTA IV APK. In this section, there are two characters with different style. One of the characters is a person named Jonny. Jonny has a very violent person and he is also a member of the criminal’s group of dangerous motorcyclists. So Johnny working in the group of offender called Lost and Damned. The head of the company, he is a person named Billy Gray who is a murderous person and he believes that whoever misses obey him will be punished the way the head of the company suggests the punishment.

So, in the final part of GTA 4 ( Ballad of tony ), you are in the role of Luis Lopez character. Furthermore Here the head of the company is the wealthy person named Tony WHO has a pastoral club in liberty city. So the unique feature of this game is its integration into two types of war games and car rides. Rock Star was the first manufacturer of this genre of games.

Following are the features of GTA 4 / IV game

  • Excellent graphics and famous game
  • Action game and full of the battleship
  • Can move freely in the game
  • Brand new and fast cars
  • With Well-constructed environment
  • Nice story
  • Different missions
  • Different weapons in the game
  • Can cheat in the game
  • Ability to Flight by helicopter and airplane
  • Best sound

So, start downloading this highly compressed action game with amazing features and high graphics game. The game keeps will you engage for several hours due to its amazing story. Hope you will enjoy playing GTA 4 APK.

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